Thursday, 26 September 2013


I can probably single handedly count the number of work dresses I have that are flare. Flare dresses are typically more fun, flirty and casual, so I tend to wear them only on Fridays or weekends. This dress is a departure from my usual style, but I couldn't resist the fold details around the collar and arms, as well as the sheer white panels that makes it unique from the rest of the black and white dresses in the market. Being in classic black and white also helps to up the classy factor despite the flare cut. And for all you ladies who tend to be on the skinnier side and often have trouble finding clothes that fit you well, check out The Kooples! You'll be pleasantly surprised by how well their clothes hug the body even if there is hardly any stretch in the material. Good luck!

Dress: The Kooples
Bag: Bvlgari
Shoes: Valentino
Location: Duxton Hill, Singapore

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