Wednesday, 12 June 2013


I've a love hate relationship with nail polish. I started wearing nail polish on a regular basis from university days, and have never stopped since. On one hand, nail polish makes you look, well, more polished. On the other hand, they're so damaging for the nails! It's pretty much a vicious cycle. After the nail polish is removed to reveal those stained flakey nails, I can't wait to put on a fresh coat to cover them up so that they look good again. My poor nails hardly have any time to recover.

To control the damage on my nails, I've been limiting gelish to travels. Also, I've been investing in quality base coats that not only helps to protect my nails from further damage, but to help repair my nails to better condition as I continue to keep my nail polish on (vanity rules!). I've been using Jessica Recovery Base Coat for Brittle Nails for the past few months and have been quite satisfied with the results. Regardless, my quest for the best base coat is still on as I continue to test out others in the market.

A few weeks ago, I popped by Sephora and picked up some OPI liquid sand nail polish. The one I'm wearing now is "What Wizardry is This?" The nail polish dries to a matte, textured finish with antique gold reflects. I like it as a cool alternative to the usual smooth glossy finish. It's easy to apply and gives good coverage. The formula is long wearing and doesn't chip off easily, which is a big plus for me. Just remember to smoothen out the edges after the nail polish has completely dried so that it doesn't feel scratchy. Are you a big fan of nail polish like me? Do you have any special tips on caring for nails? How do you like to wear your nail polish?

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